West Island Sunday School

Welcome to the Hilm West Island Islamic Sunday School. Alhumdullillah, our community, and student body, continues to grow. This year, we are pleased to announce improvements to our Islamic curriculum for both students and parents. As a staff, we are committed to creating a student-oriented program that promotes Islamic education through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.

We have listened to your feedback and made several changes this year. In addition to adding more classes and teachers, we implemented changes to improve communication and expand our curriculum.

As usual, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of the Hilm Sunday School Staff to bring forward ideas, questions, or concerns.   


This year, we are enforcing a strict schedule.

School starts: 10:30am sharp

School ends: Zuhr at Makkah Mosque at 1pm


Consistent, punctual attendance is mandatory. If your child is going to absent, please notify us immediately. Students who miss eight weeks of class will be subject to removal.


Homework must be completed and will be checked every week. Homework assignments are updated through the weekly newsletter and through the new online portal.

Dress code

Students, parents, and teachers are expected to dress modestly.  No tight-fitting attire, hats, or chains.

Boys are required to wear full-length pants. Girls are required to wear full-length pants and those 12 years and older should wear head scarves. Since salat will be performed in the mosque, clothing with depictions of faces and/or eyes should be avoided.

Children must bring a separate pair of indoor shoes after the first snowfall. No outdoor boots or shoes will be permitted indoors during that time.  Shoes with black soles are not permitted in the gym at any time.

Quran Class

The goal of the Quran class is to teach children how to read the Quran. However, it is imperative that parents practice and reinforce weekly lessons at home. Parents will have receive progress reports through the new online portal. Strict dress code is in effect during Quran class.


Zuhr salat is part of the school curriculum and is mandatory for all students without exception. During the fall and spring, we pray in the Masjid. During the winter season, prayer is held in the gym.

Parents’ Class

This year, we are introducing a full-time class for parents.  The class will discuss a range of topics, from Islamic Fiqh to parental advice. All parents are encouraged to attend.


Registration is Open

Email [email protected] for more details