In collaboration with  Islamic Relief Canada, HILM West Island Sunday School is honored to launch the Orphan Sponsorship Program as part of its Service mandate. 

Once a month, our students will donate towards this noble cause during Islamic Studies class. We encourage our School Community to openly share news about our wonderful School and its projects.

How to help (students)

Fill out the Pledge Form with your Parents. Read up and learn about Charity in Islam. Donate $1 every month to help 3 orphans. (Ask your Islamic Studies teacher for the pledge form and further details)

Tell your friends and family!

How to help (Adults)

  1. Talk to your kids about Charity in Islam. You can donate too! Spread the word to colleagues, friends and family
  2. Collections will be scheduled once a month. Cost per month for all 3 orphans is $150. Email reminders will be sent out. We appreciate any extra donations to offset the costs during summer time and school closures. Donation jars/boxes will be placed by the Teachers in the Islamic Studies classes.
  3. Volunteer Parents will assist in counting the donations. The School’s Administrative Team has personally committed to continue the sponsorships in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  4. The Annual Orphan Status Reports received from Islamic Relief will be posted on our website.
  5. Insha’Allah, with your help, this program will be successful and we can add more School projects to motivate our kids to achieve bigger goals, Fi Sabilillah
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