Grocery Delivery Program

Hilm would like to reach out to all of its members and encourage everyone to stay indoors and practice social-distancing as best as possible. We are particularly concerned about the risk of COVID-19 to those who are at high-risk.


Those who can, are encouraged to respond to the needs of local food banks by donating or volunteering your time (if you are in good health and can safely do so). In doing our part to serve those most in need, we are enlisting volunteers capable of delivering groceries to assist those most vulnerable

If you wish to lend your support, please use the following link to register as a deliverer and/or grocery purchaser:

Click to Volunteer


We are currently serving residents of West Island including, but not limited to:

  • Those who are above the age of 70
  • Those who have symptoms of covid-19 and their caretakers.
  • Those who are considered high-risk


If you wish to benefit from this program, please use this link

Click to Receive Help

or call 514-558-9611.

Please remain vigilant and adhere to local health advisories to social-distancing. We urge you all to eat well, nourish yourself with foods that help boost immunity, exercise, get enough sleep and practice excellent personal hygiene. We also urge you to make the most of this precious time with your loved ones. We are stronger as a community when we work together.

– Hilm West Island