Community Assistance Program (CAP)

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Program Overview

CAP aims to provide multidimensional support to families and individuals who need help overcoming temporary hardships. Our goal is to provide community members with the resources and guidance they need to become self-sufficient.

 Who the program is for

Muslim Families and individuals in the greater Montreal area who qualify for assistance and/or financial aid.  Most participants in our program fall into one or more of these categories:

  • New immigrants or refugees with no community ties
  • Those who qualify for Zakat (Islamic Charity)
  • Widows and single parent families
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Elderly
  • Unemployed

The role of a caseworker

Individuals who qualify for the program are assigned a caseworker.

The role of the caseworker is to oversee the well-being of the individual or family with whom they work with.  They are ultimately responsible for identifying problems and providing solutions.  Moreover,  a caseworker’s role is to facilitate, educate and provide guidance to people who are in need of support, be it financial, spiritual, or emotional.

Other tasks a caseworker performs include but not limited to:

  • Find existing resources and programs to provide support to individuals
  • Reviewing paperwork (lease, utility bills etc)
  • Translating 
  • Educating clients on social norms and local customs
  • Job seeking
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Casework Examples

National Zakat Foundation

While our goal is to help individuals and families transition away from financial assistance, the reality is that many of our community assistance program participants are need of on going financial support. As such, we have teamed with the National Zakat Foundation. to help individuals who qualify, receive Zakat payments.

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